The Wine Check in Australia


For The Traveller or the Wine Lover

Whether you’re purchasing wine on vacation or want to take some on a trip, The Wine Check makes traveling with wine safe, convenient and economical.  For $120 you have trusted luggage to encase your liquid assets.  And traveling with the collapsible, reusable Wine Check is the greenest way to transport wine! 

The Wine Check Luggage Red (12 Bottles)
AU $120.00
The Wine Check Luggage Black (12 Bottles)
AU $120.00

Your wine is protected by the cardboard shipper, proudly produced by Customs Cartons (an Australian company) and is a recyclable, disposable structure.  If distributed to purchasers in a flat pack, assembly time is only 2 minutes. 

The Wine Check is lightweight (under 2.5kg) and the attached wheels and pull strap make it easy to roll beside you.  And the side handles make it easy to get off the airport carousel! 

For The Wine Company or Business

Choose to have a colour company/brand logo printed on each Wine Check bag which can become a rolling billboard for your company.


Perfect for the wine company seeking to brand their business or even for a business using wine to promote their brand. 

We are able to provide a polystyrene alternative for the shipper. Please note that this alternative is not recyclable. Further they have been shown in recent testing to be less protective of the wine than the latest cardboard design. 

For The Wine Maker or Wine Sales Person

Always the packhorse, carrying wine to shows or customers, the Wine Check bag is designed to reduce the weight, the breakage risk, the portability of your precious product, your wine.


The bag can safely carry 4 to 12 bottles and be checked in at any standard airline/train check-in counter.