Travelling with wine has never been easier!

Each year, millions of travelers visit wineries throughout the world. There's no better way to discover new wines, but there's never been a simple, cost-effective way to get the wine home... until now.

A US Invention
The Wine Check,  designed out of need in 2007, is the end result of a collaboration between former Napa and Sonoma county tour guide Shawnda Hansen and wine enthusiast/entrepreneur Todd French.  As a tour guide, Shawnda saw the frustration her guests experienced trying to get their wine home.  Shipping is restricted in many US states, and weather-dependent, and with new FAA regulations on luggage, it became more difficult to fly with it. 

Hansen and French spent over one year developing The Wine Check, an insulated Cordura nylon zippered bag which fits over a wine shipper box and folds when not in use.  The Wine Check’s lightweight design allows the user to check a full case (12 bottles) of nearly any wine at the airport and remain under the 23kg (50 lbs) weight limit. The Wine Check is currently the ONLY wine luggage that is light enough to always remain under the imposed weight limit.  The wine is protected by a cardboard shipping box, providing three layers of protection from damage and climate changes.  


The Australian Connection

Over the past 12 years, Chris Day, the CEO of Australian wine group, Food And Beverage Australia Limited (FABAL) has been carrying wine to and from the USA is all manner of wine bags, suitcases and cartons.  All were a disaster.  In 2014, Chris discovered the Wine Check bag and his experience changed in one trip.


After two years and 15 trips through USA, France, Italy, Spain, China and Australia, he was convinced of the Wine Check suitability to safely move his wine. His friends kept asking how they could get one and he bought several back for them.

In early 2016, Day asked Hansen and French if he could become their trusted representative in this part of the world and in November 2016, FABAL Wines became the exclusive licensor of The Wine Check for Australia and New Zealand. FABAL Wines is also assisting in the expansion into Asia. 

The Wine Check Product Range

The Wine Check was designed to provide a safe, economical, and sensible solution to bringing your wine with you, and making sure it arrives safely at home.  The Wine Check features two carry handles and wheels with a removable pull strap, making the transportation of your wine from winery to car and back, as well as throughout the airport, a breeze.


The Wine Check is continuing to improve its core product and also develop new products that incorporate our patented designs.  In Australia, we are scouring the industry to find a select number of additional products that will be helpful in traveling with your wine. Stay tuned as we add these products here on our website, which will soon be available via the online shop.