The Wine Check Luggage Red (12 Bottles)
AU $120.00
The Wine Check Luggage Black (12 Bottles)
AU $120.00
Wine Shipper
Cardboard Shipper - AU $18.00
Polystyrene - AU $POA


How many bottles will it hold?

The Wine Check holds up to 12 standard (750ml) bottles of wine in almost any widely available wine shipper box (cardboard with Styrofoam or cardboard dividers), or 4 magnum bottles (1.5l) in their shippers with plenty of room on top for additional clothing or other travel gear.

Where do I put the pull strap when checking The Wine Check?

We suggest you use the pocket on the top of the unit to store the pull strap, so it does not get lost in transit.

How do I transport it when I have no wine in it?

The Wine Check is fold-able, so it is easily packed inside a standard large suitcase.  When you arrive at your destination in wine country, you can unfold it, insert a shipper box, and fill it with grape goodness!

Does the shipper insert fit the larger sparkling wine and Champagne bottles?

Yes, our shipper/insert fits all but the oddest shaped bottles, and all of the large sparkling and Reserve bottle shapes.  The Wine Check is sized to fit these larger shippers so that you have more flexibility in what you are allowed to check on the plane.

Is The Wine Check waterproof?

The Wine Check is water-resistant, as we use Cordura nylon as the primary material on the external walls of the bag.  We have found that a treatment of Scotchguard or similar waterproofing application provides a superior level of water and stain resistance, and has no ill effects to the material used on the bag's exterior.

Do you insure or guarantee the wine will arrive safely and intact?

The Wine Check makes no guarantee about the condition of the wine upon its arrival and is not responsible for damaged or lost wine, as it is exposed to too many external forces and handling.  It is designed to help further protect your wine in an ISTA-tested shipper, and make it far easier for you and the baggage handlers to lift and transport your wine.

Do you sell at wholesale prices?

Yes we do! Please contact us by phone or email for more details.